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Fannie Launches Interactive Video to Help Borrowers Avoid Foreclosure

By Carrie Bay of DSNews

The GSE has unveiled an interactive multi-media tool called WaysHome, designed to educate distressed homeowners about their options to avoid foreclosure, help them to make informed decisions, and motivate them to take action and seek assistance.

“In 2011, an estimated four million homes will be at imminent risk of foreclosure,” said Jeff Hayward, Fannie Mae SVP. “As we enter a new year, the company is expanding its efforts to help struggling homeowners avoid foreclosure — WaysHome is an innovative tool to help achieve this goal.”

The interactive WaysHome video goes live on Thursday on Fannie Mae’s KnowYourOptions Web site and is free to use. The innovative technology allows homeowners to put themselves in real-life situations that they can identify with, make financial choices, and immediately see the outcomes of those actions.

Continued here:  Fannie Launches Interactive Video to Help Borrowers Avoid Foreclosure.

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