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Harris Interactive releases it’s list of the 10 worst companies in America

The 12th Annual Harris Interactive Reputation Quotient Study, a survey of American’s perceptions of businesses is always interesting. The number one company in U.S. in the American public’s eye: Google. Apple placed 6th. Here though, for your viewing (and moaning pleasure) is the 10 worst companies in America:

10. Delta Airlines
9. JP Morgan Chase
8. ExxonMobil
7. General Motors
6. Bank of America
5. Chrysler
4. Citigroup
3. Goldman Sachs
2. BP

And the worst company in America?

1. AIG

I don’t think it comes as surprise that 5 of these are financial institutions that contributed to the current economic meltdown AND took bail-out money to reward themselves with. I also don’t think it comes as any surprise that not a single one of them care what you think or the results of this survey.

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